Elementary Art Centers: Classroom Design

Drawing Center

The drawing center consists of the following tools: pencils, colored pencils, black markers, colored markers, ink pens, oil pastels, crayons and erasers.

Painting Center 

The painting center provides these tools for the students: tempra paint, brushes of all sizes, paint palette trays and water buckets.

Mixed Media Center

In the mixed media center there are: magazines, masking tape, glue, rulers, scissors, printmaking rollers, and the watercolor paints and watercolor pencils. Although watercolor paints are considered part of the painting center, this is the most appropriate place to have them at this time. 

Fibers Center 

The fibers center contains the following: fabric, yarn, sewing tools, lace, buttons, burlap, feathers, beads and miscellaneous other materials associated with fibers. 

Graphic Design Center

The graphic design center consists of four computers where the students can do graphic design projects and can also utilize the center for researching images for their art projects. 

Reference Center

The reference center consists of many different written artifacts that can be used as references for the students to use at any given time during class. There will be many more references added soon. This is in the beginning stages but has been a huge success with the students.

Art Library Center

Gratitude Center

The gratitude center is a place where students can show appreciation to their friends in reference to learning something new from them or for a generous act of kindness. This is a way to communicate with each other in a positive way.

Control Center

The control center is a place where a student can go to get themselves away from a potential problem area or situation. This is also a way for a student to communicate with the teacher and their peers that they need to be removed from the area they were recently working in for some time to "relax and take it easy".