Teaching for Artistic Behavior education, Art Centers and Choice-based learning provide the students with the opportunity to use materials and art making processes of their choice. 

The way that I instruct art center-based learning is by giving the students what I call an "Essential Question" or a concept to communicate through their artwork to the viewer. Below, you will see examples of artwork in reference to an "Essential Question". Below you will see some examples of lessons that I have used within my curriculum.

Art Center Essential Question: 2nd grade

"How can I communicate what I know about Keith Haring's artwork?"

My second grade art students studied Keith Haring's artwork. They were given the essential question posted above, and you will see two distinctly different ways students chose to visually communicate their understanding of Keith Haring's artwork. Some students chose materials from the drawing center and others chose to work from the ceramics (clay) center.

Art Center Essential Question: 3rd grade

"What can I do to help my community?"

This 3rd grade art center project is based on the art student's plans for helping their community. They communicate their ideas through the use of the elements and principles of art, the process they take through the art centers and a writing artifact that collaborates with their visual work. 

You will see that these two students collaborated with one another on their writing artifacts as well as their artwork.

Art Center Essential Question: 5th grade

"How can I communicate my mood through art using colors, lines and words?"

This 5th grade art center project is based on communicating their mood, or how they feel, by using the elements and principles of art. The collaboration between using the art centers and a writing artifact can be seen through these works of art. 

Wassily Kandinsky was the artist these two students chose to research and found inspiration from. The artwork was made by experimenting with watercolor paints, black permanent marker and graphite. The written artifact was to reference their mood, artwork and free-writing poetry.