Keith Haring Mural Painting Project : 

Collaborative Lesson

Middle School Keith Haring Mural and Painting Project 

Lesson Objective:  To have the students create a collaborative work of art (mural) based on Keith Haring’s artwork and the symbols he uses in his work.

Content/Skills: (concepts, (e.g. key content, vocabulary, or facts to be understood, academic skill to be learned).):

Students will observe visuals examples of Keith Haring’s work to create a large collaborative mural by working together to draw and paint on a large canvas.

Observing demonstrations and visual aides, comparing and sharing techniques between themselves and their peers, using control in the handling of tools and materials in a safe and responsible manner, using the elements and principles of art during production, self-assessment of final collaborative project.

Florida Sunshine State Standards: 6-8

Skills and Techniques

Standard 1: The student understands and applies media, techniques, and processes. (VA.A.1.3)

Benchmark: 1. uses two-dimensional and three-dimensional media, techniques, tools, and                 processes to solve specific visual arts problems with refinement and control. (VA.A.1.3.1)

Benchmark: 2. uses refinement and control in handling tools and materials in a safe and responsible manner. (VA.A.1.3.2)

Benchmark: 3. understands what makes various organizational elements and principles of design effective and ineffective in the communication of ideas. (VA.A.1.3.3)

Benchmark: 4. creates two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of art that reflect competency and craftsmanship. (VA.A.1.3.4)

Creation and Communication

Standard 1: The student creates and communicates a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas using knowledge of structures and functions of visual arts. (VA.B.1.3)

Benchmark: 1. knows how different subjects, themes, and symbols (through context, value, and aesthetics) convey intended meanings or ideas in works of art. (VA.B.1.3.1)

Benchmark: 2. knows how the qualities and characteristics of art media, techniques, and processes can be used to enhance communication of experiences and ideas. (VA.B.1.3.2 

Benchmark: 3. understands and distinguishes multiple purposes for creating works of art. (VA.B.1.3.3)

Benchmark: 4. knows and uses the interrelated elements of art and the principles of design to improve the communication of ideas. (VA.B.1.3.4)

Cultural and Historical Connections

Standard 1: The student understands the visual arts in relation to history and culture. (VA.C.1.3)

Benchmark: 1. understands and uses information from historical and cultural themes, trends, styles, periods of art, and artists. (VA.C.1.3.1) 

Benchmark: 2. understands the role of the artist and the function of art in different periods of time and in different cultures. (VA.C.1.3.2)

Aesthetic and Critical Analysis

Standard 1: The student assesses, evaluates, and responds to the characteristics of works of art. (VA.D.1.3)

Benchmark: 1. understands how a work of art can be judged by more than one standard. (VA.D.1.3.1)

Benchmark: 2. uses research and contextual information to identify responses to works of art. (VA.D.1.3.2)

Benchmark: 3. understands how an artist’s intent plays a crucial role in the aesthetic value of an object. (VA.D.1.3.3)

Applications to Life

Standard 1: The student makes connections between the visual arts, other disciplines, and the real world. (VA.E.1.3)

Benchmark: 1. understands how knowledge, skills, and attitudes gained from the visual arts can enhance and deepen understanding of life. (VA.E.1.3.1)

Benchmark: 2. understands the skills artists use in various careers and how they can be developed in art school or college or through internships. (VA.E.1.3.2)

Benchmark: 3. understands the various roles of museums, cultural centers, and exhibition spaces. (VA.E.1.3.3)

Activities: What have you planned to do?


-Students will observe a Keith Haring art history lesson presentation by the instructor.

-Students will go to the computer lab, research Keith Haring, find their favorite Haring symbol and print it off for a visual reference.

-Students will discuss their research at the round table and start to plan for their collaborative mural.

Main activity:

-Students will work together collaboratively to design a mural combining their favorite Haring symbols.

-Students will draw and paint the collaborative design onto a large canvas.


Students will sign the finished collaborative work, discuss and critique it and decide where to present it in the school.

Student will complete a quiz on Keith Haring.

Students will complete a self-assessment on the act of creating a collaborative mural on Keith Haring.

Accommodations: List students and specific accommodations you used below.




Quizzes and Tests taken in LRC


Accommodation reports will be honored to specific students

Additional Accommodations:

Assistance in hanging work in school for the public to view.

Materials: What materials/supports did you use to implement this lesson? Ppt presentation, projector, Keith Haring visuals, art materials/art centers

Grouping:  How did you group the students for instruction? Why?

As a whole, small group, individual


Evaluation/Assessment: How will you know if the students understood the key concepts of the lesson?

Quiz, self-assessment, participation, final artwork

Analysis: What assessment data do you have that provides evidence of student learning

X  Tests, quizzes

X  Student work samples

X  Cooperative Learning Examples

X  Student Engagement (Participation)

X  Photographs/Video

X  Surveys (Self-Assessments)

_  Observation data/field notes (teacher checklist)

_  Other:

Describe how this lesson impacted student learning?

Students were engaged in creating a collaborative work of art.

Students were involved in the Harkness Method teaching techniques by discussing the choice of artist to create a collaborative work of art about. They act as a team, cooperatively, to make it work. They all participate, but not in a competitive way. They all share in the responsibility and the goals, much as any members share in any team sport.


Reflection: (Reflecting on the lesson)

It was a successful lesson where a collaborative work of art was completed

What suggestions do you have for improving this lesson in the future?

More time.

Middle School Keith Haring Mural and Painting Project Work 

The students collaboratively gesso the canvas in preparation for the drawing and painting process of the Keith Haring mural project.  

The students researched Keith Haring and created individual paintings that incorporated their favorite Haring symbols.



The students were able to use their researched images and individual works to contribute to the collaborative painting mural. 

The students learned the process of transferring their images through the use of technology. By using a laptop that contains their images hooked up to a projector, the images are projected onto the wall and transferred manually by tracing over the drawings and paintings.

The images are then drawn onto the canvas and prepared for the painting process.

The students collaboratively painting. 



The Middle School students and their Keith Haring inspired, collaborative painting mural!